toast to cliches
in the dark past
i'm danielle.
wait for a minute.

They still love us right?

Still do.

*click for full size*

Okay, I just found your blog and I totally love it! Do you do the drawings yourself?☺️

Yep :)

Do yhu draw these? They're sooooo amazing!

Yeah :) thank you!


pray for sam smith

itwas1994 no has time for that ugly ass tattoo 😴😂

White people: We don't want any black people in our clubs, bars, parties, restaurants, schools, government, banks, neighborhoods, or offices
Black people: Well fuck y'all then. We can go start our own shit that's just for black people and nobody else.
White people: ......
White people: Wow, excluding people based solely on their skin color? That's really racist and I am personally offended. How would you feel if we did that to you?

justinbieber: Ur boy got rid of his stash


treating a woman with respect and regarding her as a human being doesn’t automatically mean ur cock deserves to get stroked sorry to break it to u

This is the part when I say I don’t want ya,

I’m stronger than I’ve been before